What if you had sonographic vision?

In-situ ultrasound

With the Sono-Eyes software running on a mixed-reality headset, you see the ultrasound image at its anatomical position. Real-time 3D-tracking of the ultrasound probe enables highly accurate in-situ display of the diagnostic image. Sono-Eyes makes ultrasound examinations more accessible to practitioners across many specialties and levels of training – from medical student to professor. You might not even need to upgrade your ultrasound device: The software can interoperate with a wide range of ultrasound manufacturers.

Ergonomic virtual screen

Whenever a large ultrasound image is required, it is possible to activate a virtual screen. This virtual screen is ergonomically placed in your visual field and follows your gaze without obstructing the line of sight to the patient. This eliminates the need for physical screens, which are difficult to sterilize and position in crowded operating rooms. Sono-Eyes augments Point-Of-Care ultrasound solutions to be more lightweight, portable, and flexible.

Hands-free operability

Sono-Eyes is especially suitable to perform sterile procedures as it can be operated hands-free using speech-control and gazeable interfaces.

Mixed-reality guided procedures

To assist vascular access procedures, Sono-Eyes provides visual guidance for an optimal needle path.

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