Reduce operation time by receiving effective intra-operative guidance on how to tailor implants to the anatomy of the patient.

Determine the positions of the pedicle screws

After placing pedicle screws into the vertebrae, the operator equipped with a mixed-reality headset starts to precisely register the positions of the screws with a pointer. Yellow spheres indicate the registered positions.

A medical practioner is adding holographic points on pedicle screws inserted in the spine to create a path.

Bend the rod implant

Once all positions have been recorded, a virtual template for the rod implant is displayed. The required length of the rod is calculated and indicated above the template. After cutting the rod implant to the suggested length the operator starts bending the rod according to the shape of the virtual template.

A medical practioner is bending a metallic rod following a holographic path.

Attach the rod implant

As soon as the rod implant is tailored to the positions of the pedicle screws, the implant is affixed to the screws.

Spine with a metallic rod attached.

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