Incremed Guard

Protecting the sterile field in the operating room

One Less Thing to Worry About

Human errors leading to infections and complications are preventable. Incremed Guard supports the surgical team by taking over the duty of monitoring the sterile field in the OR, and alerts the team when the sterile field is at risk of being breached. This reduces the cognitive load of the healthcare professionals and enables them to fully focus on the patient and the surgery.

Surgeons in the OR are marked as either authorized or non-authorized and a line marks the border of the sterile field.

Real-time Monitoring and Alerting

Incremed Guard is a monitoring and warning system that continuously tracks the position of all team members in the OR. The system can be configured to distinguish between authorized and unauthorized team members. If an unauthorized person approaches the boundaries of the sterile field, an audio signal warns the team. As a result, an inadvertent contamination is prevented. Incremed Guard provides valuable support to the surgical team by protecting the sterile field and helping prevent surgical site infections.

The technical set-up of Incremed Guard comprises a iPad, an Azure Kinect sensor, a speaker, a Wi-Fi router and a computer that processes the visual information.

Simple Usage

With only four clicks the sterile field is defined. Incremed Guard distinguishes between team members that are authorized to enter the sterile field and members that are not authorized to do so. See how to use Incremed Guard in this tutorial movie.

Incremed Guard screen of tablet application

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